Monday, August 10, 2009

ABC news:Plants to produce a third of our petrol by 2025 in Australia.

A researcher from the Southern Cross University says up to a third of the nation's petrol could come from plants by the year 2025.

Professor Robert Henry says biofuel has the potential to become a five-billion dollar industry in Australia.

Professor Henry says plants such as sugar cane and eucalyptus trees can be used to produce fuel.

He says more than a hundred conversion facilities would have to be built in rural and regional areas, spreading the wealth and creating jobs.

"This could see very substantial growth in a number of rural industries and so the benefits will be in more than one area and across a number of different sectors we would expect within rural communities," prof Henry said.

"We would be replacing imported oil and that would have benefits for our balance in the economy, but we'd also see the creation of large numbers of jobs in regional areas associated with the production of these crops and their processing into fuel," he said.

Meanwhile, PNG is still rampant with high class corruption, government is poised at bringing in investors for sake of collecting more tax. Natrual resources exploitation is rampant while population is doubling with high rate of unemployment, drop outs , rapid rise of crime and violence rates upon upon 50 years old infrasturures too small to contain ever growing demand.
Angels from heaven will fall and tell PNG what to do, PNG is waiting for that time! Hahahah not in a histroy!