Friday, February 27, 2009

Fossil fuel dependancy time bomb for PNG economy.

These PMV (Tambari place,Port Moresby City,Papua New Guinea) private services are fossil fuel driven and if supply has a problem,the busfare are uncontrollably rised.Commuters are always affected. Biofuel can safeguard and ensure smooth running of all aspects of life.

The drastic rise and fall of fuel prices prompted me to share with you as to why.
Our decent life is measured by fuel as number one factor for survival, and if a nation has to progress fuel issue must be solved first foremost.
Poverty alleviation programs may never succeed if fuel issues are not the top agenda of the day’s government.

For the past 24 months up to now, there has been a sharp rise in the fuel prices worldwide; fianacially torturing rural populations, minimum wage earners, and small people by daily hike of goods and services, PNG was worst hit.
Suddenly a sharp drop in fuel in just past couple of days, would some call this a blessing or sympathy? Do not thank God, because this is caused by man for profit.

PNG and other Pacific islands countries seem untuned to the realities of fuel, the immediate impact on people by frequent rise and fall in price. But this dip in fuel price is instigated for market monopoly by producers.

In my previous reports I was stressing on the multi million dollar investments worldwide in every country in alternative fuel sources, development and rapid refocusing to second generation fuel such as biodiesel,bioethanol,biobutanol ,biogas and other renewable alternatives.

It is even more worrying to see leaders having waded with people through high fuel prices and high cost of living yet no attempt to invest in biofuel from our reserves. The recent fall in fuel is a false hope.

The rapid increase by investors in biofuel ,development and usage instigated this sharp fall.This is primarily decided by the producers and not by suppliers.

If Iam a Saudi Arab Oil producer, I will strategically increase my oil per barrel to $100 for the first year,second year,third year,fourth year and fith year drop it to $30 per barrel, enough to scare the investors of the biofuel off platform and enough money to balance for that action from previous rise in price.
Such action does not require a University degree to decide for a supplier if the rapidly increasing biofuel developments are bringing dark storm upon their market.

This was a tactic that was used in 1980s when ethanol as alternative fuel was at its heights, when oil price was hiking to $52 per barrel ,ethanol as biofuel gained moment in its development,after length of time, the oil price was droped to $25 dollars causing the investors and developers to abandon.

This year the triple digit of oil somewhere neared $200 per barrel is brought to double unit about $60 per barrel.

Already, this shaking has caused some investors like VeraSun –the US ethanol producer to field for bankruptcy as reported by Biofuel International Newsletter.
More producers and investors may call off developments in alternative fuel because of imbalance when fossil fuel is again affordable.
The only intention is to maintain and dominate the market of the dirty oil.

But how long would the drop in price hold?

Amazingly PNG is not investing in alternative biofuels that can be developed for internal demand within the nation, meaning we totally surrender and dance to foreign fuel tunes. We have even nothing to bargain with Interoil which is good for Interoil but ghastly terrible for us.Fortunately ,we have Cassava biofuel, however, if marketed in the country may alleviate a little but exporting outside does not balance energy equation.
A government funded development and processing of the biofuels can to a larger extend alleviate greater in a long run. This is what is lacking in PNG and the Pacific island nations. The governments have the sole responsibility for the people and nation they protect.
The next price hike may rise even higher than experienced jeopardizing and crippling business communities in the country, torturing population across the nation.

The only option is to invest in biofuel now when we have the time.From other nations experiences, the biofuel counterattack fuel price and in return maintain reasonable price deal between fuel supplier and consumer such in the case of Brazil cane ethanol, US corn ethanol and the European countries.

Every one even know the fact that world fossil fuel reserve is rapidly depleting , where would the future be for us if reserves near empty? In 1999, the price of oil hovered around $16 a barrel. In July 2008, it reached a peak of $147 a barrel,then up to almost $200 before a sharp drop to $60 per barrel in just days now!

Are we ready for the inevitable? Expect no more sympathizing. The world is drawn into fuel war, its not nuclear weapons or biological weapons that man is so troubled of but rather fuel. Modern policies are sharpened to central around fuel. Absolutely Oil-rich nations enjoy at our inconsistencies and triple profit from our unstrategic energy policies in investments and development in alternative biofuels.

Altering fuel price does not come from us, it may only come when we have our own alternative biofuel developed. This mission lies entirely with the Government to rescue, normalize,and alleviate day to day struggle today and even harsher days ahead. The future can be created today with biofuel.
The best hope for development lies in developing the best energy balance,now the dirty oil is fast demininshing and superpowers make policies for better share ,where would island countries stand in times to come?
Countries like Russia, Venezuela and Iran that were flush with rising oil revenue saw that change reflected in newly aggressive foreign policies. But some unexpected countries reaped benefits, as well as costs, from higher prices. Consider Germany. Although it imports virtually all its oil, it has prospered from extensive trade with a booming Russia and the Middle East. German exports to Russia grew 128 percent from 2001 to 2006.
The high price of gas became an important issue in the presidential campaign. Senator John McCain in particular made energy a focus, proposing to suspend the gas tax during the summer. He also made fervent calls to expand domestic drilling for oil, while his opponent, Barack Obama, emphasized the need for alternative fuels.
American people seem fed up with fossil fuel dilemma and wanted alternative fuel to stay affront when Obama was elected president.
The International Energy Agency, which advises industrialized nations on energy policy, warned on Thursday last week that the supply shortfalls that pushed oil prices into triple-digit territory this year are far from resolved, and could lead to a new period of high prices.
Given the global warming and sinking islands in our regions, the then Climate office should push and promote for biofuel development and investments inline with Global Warming policies.
The current fuel war is not looking good for the island nations. There is still grace period, we dare not waste now. We can exchange our current non renewable resources for renewable alternative fuel. This is the strategic plan forward, however, it lacks investments. Absolutely ,biofuel is the way for future, for island countries stable economy is encapsulated in alternative energies since the fuel war is getting intense ,none of us is in that war!
We fed only on the results of the war, meaning we still dance to their music.

We should not think the dip in fuel price as announced by Interoil would bring life back to three generation back in the 1960s.But rather a market-supply –demand plan by producers to scare biofuel investors. If they successfully done with that , expect life in the coming times to be more bitter.

We can only wait for the government to devise a department, policies and fund investment for energy development for internal consumption.
Papua New Guinea as being the largest Island in the Pacific has yet to make a development, energy department solely responsible for PNG Energy development.
Future lies in the today’s decision.

Algae is the frontrunner as the best option biofuel,world over.

Going from lab to mass production
The world is now faced with a lot of imminent conflicts from man made to natural disasters such as terrorism, global climate change and the very imminent return Of Christ that is going to be caught up suddenly when man is engrossed in these problems.
Some global organizations and offices seem to assure cure and security even to those that cannot be managed one inch taking the advantageous of illiterates to manipulate for resources exploitations while covering up in pack of lies. It is true that planting small trees around the globe will not stop global warming or cause the change of carbon dioxide and oxygen equilibrium in the atmosphere to a degree significant for change.Hundred years of planting trees will not change their compositional concentration either. Basically , from scientific point of view,such changes are geological time frame and takes longer time for change rather than hundred years of industrialization. Lets leave big problems to God and face the imminent rising threats.
Current studies revealed frightening findings that fossil fuel , our cheap traditional energy has skyrocketed in consumption rate. Just how much fossil fuel is used every one second by all vehicles and machines and per day and per year worlwide 24 hours a day,365 days a year? The numbers go astronomical,with the rising worldwide population ,demand ,industrialization how much is removed from the constant reserve in the earth crust?
The time has come now where, the rising demand cannot meet the declining supply.This ignite what is now call fuel war! Countries make their alliances and redefine their politics to encompass policies.Wars are fought in the name of democracies but the hidden idea is resources, in fact fuel is the number component to drive economies.
The fossil fuel producers know the fact,governments knew this fact that without fuel there is no life,when molecular energy package called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is blocked in a biological working system,the systems stops and decay sets in. Now that fossil fuel is fast depleting, what can be the price of fuel in 5 years-10 years from now? What will be the economy of Papua New Guinea be like then? Is the system going to experience decay and run back to stone age? However, we have alternative way to encounter fuel problem.
The microbes do their part by digesting the biomass using their working system to extract energy and nutrients are released back for recycling. In the same manner, we can create fuel now called biofuel use it,recycles it and use it again governing the whole cycle at our control.

Biofuel is now the hottest agenda by all governments world over.It is now a take or perish situation. What is the biofuel and what is its importance. First and foremost is that, its renewable and fits very well in the carbon recyle, only energy in the carbon is used, and carbon released into the system and recycled again.There is no increase in carbon dioxide or decrease but transfer energy and returns to get energy rich.But what are the carbon rich energy sources today?
There are now many varied researches and developments from various sources.Oil palm,corn,jatropha,algae,soya bean,cassava ,sweet potato, woods and municipal waste to name a few, all produce energy and these are alternatives.
Since renewable, being bio--meaning living, they all have to be cultivated for mass production ,this means considering the technicality part of efficiency and productivity are two most important factors that governs sustainability.Financially speaking,making a profit is business or to be unable means the reverse otherwise.Whatever the alternative source of energy ,it must bear profit. In the concept of energy balance , emergy is another very vital concept that determines the profit and sustainability of the the project,which further governs the affordability of the final product.
How energy is invested into the system, and how much is gained as output? Energy specialist work all the energy involved from land/preparation,cultivation,harvesting,transporting, processing and transporting the final product before consumption. For instance,Cassava projects for biofuel may look at land preparation,planting,harvesting,transporting,processing then the product which price is directly governed by these factors involved.
Major considerations for efficiencies are total time of maturation,yield and process applications while productivity may look from yield and processing applications angle.
Studies have indicated that a three unit of energy are received for every one unit of energy wasted for algae biofuels especially biodiesel. This means it may be three times less expensive, for instance, if in PNG Kina ,Cassava bioethanol is sold at K3.00 per liter, then algae biodiesel can be sold for K1.00 per or less if subsidised. For such , it is now being accepted that algae Biodiesel is the future next generation alternative green energy source.Montana Synergy of USA, conducted a research worth of millions of dollars using photobioreactos for fuel and concluded that algae is the best option for the world given its very high crude lipid of more than 50% of its body mass , if corn s taken as alternative for fuel, then all corn products and supply , their proces will soar, but only 18 gallons of fuel can be produced from one hactar per year,cassava with its convertable 25% can not reach 13 gallons per hacter per year,oil palm supplies about700-800 gallons per hacter per year while algae supplies 20 000 plus gallons per hacter per year
Professor Lance Schidman of Illinois University with the Agriculture and and Biological engineering said there are more credible reasons to believed algae as potential. The high prolific growth rates and high lipid content, given the Food Vs biofuel issues, choosing algae is the option for mass energy production.
Apart from the corn ethanol,soyabean biodiesel plus others using our prime land ,alage cannot compete but can be grown just about anywhere in a polluted area/pond,bioreactor,ontp of power plants and even be haversted out of the oceans, algae do not neccessary compete with human food.
Current technologies are making the processing of algae from pond/bioreactor feasible. The use of thermo-chemical conversion method is efficiency since the harvested biomass which has a lot of water cannot be dried that may have input of a lot of energy, in this process, it is all converted to the crude lipid which is directly changed to biodiesel.This is making the process cost less, less energy is utilized and it made more viable and affordable, therefore making the product cheaper and more competitive.
Carbon dioxide emission from power plants can be directly pumped into the growing tank of algae which can change the carbon dioxide directly t biomass from which fuel is derived. The other components even toxic such as some sulphur counting compounds released may become nutritive to the algae health.

World over.
In Rome, wood chips,grass,corn stalk and sugar cane bagass is converted to ethanol in a newly built processing plant, producings hundreds of thousand of gallns of fuels .
Report from Reuters by research done by Biotechnology Industry Organisation indicated 80 000 jobs will be created by 2022 with renewable fuels.
The largest enzyme producer,Novoenzyme (Denmark) reported that enzyme produced for digesting of starch for biofuel production will be reduced in price 50% lower, making the final product-biofuel more cheaper and affordable.
Gencor, another specialist company in enzyme engineering and development announced that new enzymes developed are very efficient and faster,cost is highly lowered.
US,Canada and Europe have bended to form the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance which represent more than 60% of the worldwide biofuel production.The alliance will now promote policies both in the developed and developing countries .
Ukraine is even going serious green fuel with 12 distilleries for ethanol fuel.
Malaysia and Indonesia are teaming up for Palm oil control ,which both control about 85% of the oil to accommodate biodiesel produced and to control fuel market and stability in the region.

Even though significant infrastructure development is needed, small countries like Papua New Guinea if developed may reduce the cost of the fossil fuel down by half even more since fuel demand is not so high currently.This will ensure stable economic activities which in turn will persuade foreign investments and local busies to mushroom.n this way, more local s and graduated are employed ,that will control social,law and order,crime and violence and other socio-economic problems.
Green fuel development is urgent matter,since the world is going green. It is now up to the responsible technocrats and government bodies to develop using our own resources or outsiders to use our resources to develop and sell them to us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Australia going alternative clean energy.

Algae made clean fuel is feasible (biofuel-biodiesel) is made by hand here,nature took millions of years to make what now we are using, now we are making in days!

(On the left is my green babies for biodiesel in bioreactor )An international consortium established by an Australian scientist is developing a clean source of energy that could see some of our future fuel and possibly water needs being generated by solar-powered bio-reactors and micro-algae while absorbing CO2.

Associate Professor Ben Hankamer, from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) at The University of Queensland, has established the Solar Bio-fuels Consortium which is engineering green algal cells and advanced bio-reactor systems to produce bio-fuels such as hydrogen in a CO2-neutral process.

“The development of clean fuels to combat climate change and protect against oil price shocks is an urgent challenge facing our society,” said Associate Professor Hankamer, who co-directs the Consortium with Professor Olaf Kruse from the University of Bielefeld in Germany.

“Many countries are already aiming to replace 10 to 20 percent of their existing energy production capacity with CO2-neutral energy systems by 2020. But this is very likely not nearly enough.

“Some reports indicate that 50-66 percent of current energy production capacity may have to be CO2-free by 2020 to avoid the worst effects of climate change. This will be very hard to achieve and we need new technologies to do so.”

Fuels make up about two-thirds of the energy market, yet most low-CO2 emission technologies, such as nuclear power and clean coal technology, target the electricity market. In contrast, the solar bio-hydrogen process uses solar-powered bioreactors filled with single-celled algae to produce hydrogen from water.

Algae naturally capture sunlight and use its energy to split water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen, however this process is not efficient enough to make it commercially viable.

The Consortium uses this natural reaction, but is developing ways of enhancing its efficiency to a level where the process will be economically viable. This will be done with the help of a $286 000 Australian Research Council grant received last week.

“We have conducted detailed feasibility studies that show that, once key technical milestones are overcome, this technology could achieve economic viability, which will increase further with the introduction of carbon trading schemes and the predicted rise in the oil price,” Associate Professor Hankamer said.

“We have focused on micro-algae as a source of hydrogen because they have several advantages over traditional bio-fuel crops.”

One major advantage, especially in drought-stricken countries like Australia, is that hydrogen can be produced from salt water. Marine and salt-tolerant algae can extract hydrogen and oxygen from seawater and on combustion these gases produce fresh water and electricity, which can be fed into the national grid. Consequently, clean energy production can theoretically be coupled with desalination.

This is by no means the only advantage. One of the current concerns about traditional bio-fuel crops is that they will compete with food production for arable land and water. In contrast, algal bioreactors can be placed on non-arable land and use much less water than conventional bio-fuel crops.

“This opens up new economic opportunities for arid regions and eliminates competition with agricultural crops or rainforest regions which are increasingly being used to plant oil palms for bio-diesel production,” Associate Professor Hankamer said.

“Algae also have a very short life cycle and can be harvested every one to ten days rather than once or twice a year, increasing yield.”

One other major benefit of the hydrogen production process is that it absorbs CO2.

“We are therefore starting to investigate whether our hydrogen producing systems can be linked to conventional power stations to sequester CO2 which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere”, said Associate Prof Hankamer.

For more information on the Consortium please visit

This information ,news and new developments on clean energy is not a propaganda, but a real realities, PNG government needs to look into this development. Now that office of climate change and sustainable development has been opened at our tax money, its now the principal role of the government to provide clean energy,alternative fuel or green fuel for its people, for the good of the nation. Its better to start now.

Lets think smart today and create the future tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Assesing Biofuel-Algae.

(This picture showed a kind of algae blooming freely in open pond)

Today, Biofuel,alternative energy,green energy,clean energy,green investments and development are top agenda and already all is looking very promising.

When the traditional fossil fuel which had been for centuries abundant and surplus, cheap and affordable are now being barricading chiefly for the reasons that needs attention.
One of the major reason is depleting fuel reserves worldwide while at the same time a dynamic rising demand world over as more and more people are using machines and as technologies, and human life is made to depend entirely on fuel.As development progressed day by day in diverse countries worldwide, fossil fuel used per day has tripled and in many cases demand exceeds production causing imbalance commerce causing economic havoc that ripple effect across the nations.

(This picture showed my algae crude lipid resembling like the crude oil from under ground)
The second major reason stems from pollution oriented from which climate change campaign is directly involved.From this end, many believed that the use of fossil fuel adds more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere(0.03% current composition has not being significantly changed) absorbs heat radiation from the sun (CO2 specific heat capacity/thermal conductivity varies with temperature /pressure) and instead of sending back into the space it keeps back resulting in rising temperature causing ice reserves in the north and south poles to melt which gives sea level rise.
Thirdly, countries are checking their checking their financial records that showed hundreds of millions of dollars on fuel imports per year and how long they are relying would pay of half their earnings,furthermore, tight policies due to fuel politics and power play that is directly threatening immediate future.
These and other reasons are stemming a lot of research and developments into new biofuel projects worldwide. Already, there are vehicles including planes, both commercial and military which are being used due to unique fuel properties better than fossil fuel.

The booming mushroom increase in developments past 12 months has really upset fossil fuel producers, as a results the prices per barrel had been reduced right up from about 200 dollars to 50 dollars aiming only to scare the investors.The same scenario happened in 1980s when alcohol or bioethanol woke up to challenge the fossil fuel and investors and developers were scared off when priced was dipped to 30 dollars per barrel. The oil producers are smart to monopolise the market.
This time when biodiesel,bioethanol,biobuthanol,biogas, and other biomass produced via specialised ways has all now faced with the same old tricks again.
But we must learn from history to decide our future. The question of fuel is very important today when there is time.
Researches are indicating a lot of potential sources from which biofuel basically for our cars /generators/homes-stoves and lighting house etc..can be derived.These are in one aspect all renewable and clean energy, for instance, biodiesel from canola oil,jatropha, or other oilseeds are potential. However,one must decide and choose by better analysis on their sustainability,affordability or viability,checking its cost ,resources ,time,socio-economic aspects etc..These are the factors that need considering to identify and implement such that the identified source can adequately meet environment ,social and market criteria to be profitable and affordable at the market.
(This pictures jatropha nursery and its fruits from which biofuel is made top and bottom respectively) Wood chip or related matter is another easy source from which bioethanol can be derived by utilizing enzymes that convert the wood chip to simple digestible units that yeast can use to excrete bioethanol for usage, such is multi stage whereby a lot of machines and resource are utilized to give the final product. The price tag on the final product may depend on the amount of money used plus the mark up price, this means the life of the operation depends on minimizing cost and making the by product more affordable at the market or involve expensive cost and increase price tag that may deemed unprofitable and unsustainable.
Cassava biofuel must also follow the same route to be profitable or not. From planting, space,yield,fertilization,time,processing, labour and other related either office ,field work,processing or engineering sum up to two most important issues.Firstly the cost involved throughout,secondly how much unit energy is invested from a tractor using fuel energy right to conveyor belts ,a motor using electric power to all power all in the processing plants to the transport that deliver the final product.
How much energy is input and how much energy is out put and and what percentage which from that one can identify as whether or not this project is profitable,sustainable or the product value.
There are some other minor mistakes that will have socio-economic impacts on the such as fertilization and leaching,land space and population involved that may used up all their available land denying other essential crops supply and market plus others that may emerge depending on their location of the energy farms,locality , micro-climate ,ecosystems,food chains which may become as due to land clearing. However, handful being manageable the factors for considering an alternative clean energy source depends on which alternative is chosen.(Cassava farm and a its tuber, bioethanol is from made from this source,below)

One of the attention focused clean energy alternative is algae. According to recent statistics and researches, algae is shown to be the best alternative for handful of reasons that others will not close up near. One of this is the fact that algae can give energy or basically the energy fuel compound called crude lipid is 50-100 times greater. This means, for instance, if oil palm gives 10 tons per hectare per year (not true figure), algae is going 500-5000 tons per hectare per year. One could do simple math for just 10 hectares and compare to your own nation's yearly demand!
In my research , this hungry algae can consume any carbon source (sugar/molasses/ other waste) or even carbon dioxide to repay back double in less than 7 days! This is the magic since no plant can one cultivate within 7 days after which is ready to use. On a continuous couple of batches, the production and processing can go 24 hours Sunday to Sunday 12 months a year production especially in the tropics, this will produce more than the demand, fossil fuel dependency can be cut off and independently fuel free in one's own right. The money used for fuel purchase can be diverted to alleviating poverty, developments and increasing living standards for all.
This is the picture seen by many of the countries today, including Papua New Guinea very neighbour , Indonesia is ferociously investing and developing algae biodiesel while not one such is yet discussed in Leader's House Meeting yet after sky rocketing price of living as instigated by fuel price.
Given the body mass of the algae is 50% or more means it is all biodiesel, even now with developing genetic engineering more option is available to make the algae obey to our desire by increasing more crude lipid content per cell or growing more faster by metabolic engineering or making them to use alternative indigestible carbon source to be used efficiently reducing potential pollution pollutants and giving us our fuel.
Recently Ukraine declared as going algae development for biofuel,the Prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko declared as her country must develop or perish given the energy crisis.

Their appointed developers as known of the algae sternly believed that algae can sustain their dependency on the foreign fuel if developed because of the the very high potential of 50 -100 times energy yield whencompared to any other energy crop so far. The algae will not only biodiesel but also bioethanol and biogas from the same algal biomass.
The Kiev(Capital) Institute of Automation group stated that they have already done the design documentation and now going ready to establish the pilot production from the algae.
Algae is carbon sequestrating or removing carbon dioxide in exchange for fuel.Given the fact that different algae has different crude lipid content and different crude lipid carbon chains is preferable if for instance if one like to make fuel for aeroplanes then a selected algae strain is grown, or for vehicle . From stand point of oil, lipid is very high, algae grown n the bioreactors are very efficient then those grown in the ponds basically due to poor penetration of light ,unequal which slows growth rate, or rapid evaporation of water that needs replacing or further more, due to contamination of other algae from the air that come into contact with the algae and compete with the tamed one.

Bioreactors or photobioreactors are deemed very efficient and seem to to be the technology for thei centruy when fuel cam be cultured by this technology and mass supply.

America is now going all for alternative energy development t and algae is taking bigger share of the attention fuel as the next generation.

Solazyme has promised to mass produce algae biomass for fuel in three years from now as reported and is remaining very promising given the tends world wide on biofuel issues.This was also one of the companies that had produced first algae jet fuel.

PetroSun is another mighty company that is taking the opportunity forward in eco friendly for the next generation fuel by making available algae to fuel technologies, its progress is highly positive.

Since algae does not require larger space comparing to marginal soya bean for fuel for instance, it remain the only option for clean energy development. The world is now at the edge where one has to develop biofuel or import from others, the latter may not be a very good option as it will always be expensive.The former ,however, seem to be the option, as we continue to increase our need for more fuel ,more problems await those who do not wake up to the first fuel alarm.

Today we have no option but must develop one or another because fossil fuel will not remain forever.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Brief in Biofuel World over.

In top stories on biofuel,OPXIn Colorado, is reported to have 12.1 million US dollars for finance.
The company specializes in selecting and modifying microbes that make alternative energy. It is expected to raise 2.9 million dollars for further expansion.

In North Carolina,Agrivida and Novoenzymes agreed to focus on alternative sources to increase the liquid fuels 10% by 2017.

The CEO Sapphire Energy congratulated president Obama for his Alternative Energy bills. Obviously ,the world is going green fuel.

In Scotland, a distillery which uses carbon capture that consumes 20 tons of Carbon dioxide by utilizing chlorella is optimistic, the microbe also consumes copper reside which would have been as pollutant otherwise. The Biomass can be made into syngas by gasification method.

In Germany, the bioethanol association BDBe increase production to 46%. It is very promising , further increase is forthcoming.

Denmark,The energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme has awarded a 13 million dollar grant to Biogasol for cellulosic ethanol plant. Which will produce 5 million liters per year.

Science is now gaining momentum in converting xylose ( a sugar ,five carbon sugar compound),genetically yeast is being engineered to digest xylose to give ethanol which is fuel in was only for glucose, this in fact increase the productivity out put. This was as done by researches in Germany at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

News is spiraling that in New Jersey ,B5 biodiesel are now formally in used in tractors,bachoes,lawnmowers and even air compressors. About more than 260 vehicles are now using biodiesel without any trouble at all.

The world tomorrow is foundations laid down now, tomorrow is predicted now,future is invented today.

The world is going green.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updates on Biofuel world over this week.

President Barrack Obama has signed the American Recovery Investment Act of which include 16 billion US dollars for the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, last year has recived 1.7 billion US dollars , now has gone ten fold or probably ten fold greener energy.
In California today ,Carbon science announced that they can make methane,ethane and propane from carbon dioxide.The company is said to convert all CO2 from power plant emissions,oil refinery and other sources ultimately decreasing the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.
The National Algae Association has recently requested for algae biomass for their testing to develop their technology and applications.
In Malaysia, biofuel demand is very high and that the supplier,the Renewable Fuel Corp has opened new offices to take new contracts.

The world is closing towards greener fuel,greener investments policies ,governments and greener world as we are faced with increasing demand on fuel,increased pollutions and climate change dilemma and resource scarcity.
It is now obvious that alternative fuels are this era's ''a must'' ingredient. However, it is the government's duty to instigate such for the good of the economy,people and the nation.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Green Jobs Blooming Alert

Colorado,USA ,is going green collar jobs as reported recently,clean and renewable energy is the focus which represented 9 million jobs in 2007 with revenue of 1,045 billion US dollars.

According to report,thermal energy,photovoltaic,biodiesel and bioethanol are leading the way.This is reported to have 25% annual growth and job creation could go 16 million with 1,966 billion US dollar by 2030.Colorado is aiming straight up.


Today in Biofuel World over.

My biomass, once a upon a time Carbon dioxide in the air is now can be seen here,from this is converted to biodiesel,bioethanol or biogas.(picture)Alternatively can be gastified to syngas from which converted to syndiesel or other very efficient energy compound.
In Georgia,Cellulose Pioneer Range Fuel, reported as converting wood chips to cellulosic ethanol.Earlier this year this company reported as securing 80 million US dollars to finance a wood waste to cellulosic of 100 Mgy ethanol plant, the plant will be opening 2010 for its production.

Ze-Gen is based in Massachusetts, USA, utilizing steel industry techniques for high temperature fuel production by gastification process using wood debris and other solid waste substances.
Also Costaka ,anotherof the best 50 bioenergy fuel companies is nearing its 100 Mgy plant for cellulosic ethanol fuel using sugarcane bagasse as its raw material.
Another company Sustainable Power is very active in Latin America, using algal biomass for fast pyrolysis using nano bacteria as catalyst is now active in licensing operators in Europe and Asia.

Ineos and Bioengineering Resources announced they will have a municipal waste ethanol pilot plant operational by 2011.It is currently making 105 gallons per ton of waste. It has already achieved 95 gallons per ton of waste.

W2 Energy, said will convert municipal waste,agriculture waste,tires,human waste and coal into bioelectricity and syndiesel.The company is using plasma assisted biomass to energy process and is seeking to use jathropa oil and algae as feed stocks.
Germany's Choren is seeking 5Mgy biomass to liquid plant,it will also use gastification process to heat the biomass and the syngas carbon monoxide and hydrogen will be made into synthetic diesel fuel.
Cananda's Enekem with its waste to biofuel plant in Westbury is able to produce 1.3 Mgy from used electricity poles

Gastification and Pyrolysis.The former is a process of converting carbonaceous materials such as biomass,coal etc with controlled oxygen to produced carbon monoxide and hydrogen, sometimes called syngas which is a very efficient fuel.The latter,is process of chemical decomposition without oxygen being used being does take place in their presence.
These two processes are getting more attention for the processing of clean alternative energy as reported. Purdue University researchers found the easiest and profitable way for efficient high out put. All agriculture ,forest,and other solid waste can be converted to meet 20% of all US fuel needs.
In Hawaii,Sunfuels reported seeking 37 000 acres of state land for eucalyptus,they company uses gastification process to process clean fuel.
In Germany,Lurgi will construct methanol -biofuel plant costing 8 million US dollar which is supported by Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and conservation.
Meanwhile panelists at the UN Climate Change meeting in Poznan advocated biochar, product from fast pyrolysis as a way forward that can pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and increase soil fertility, in a way returning carbon back to the soil for its natural process again. This is important because, charcoal produced is porous and can allow bacteria to recycle nutrients and increase land fertility and increase agricultural productivity,it also holds water and can easily help plants to survive during droughts.
The idea and technology used is promoting low carbon foot printing and sustainable practices that can assist in maintaining cleaner environment and cleaner climate.

Home traditions and identities are part of our in- built Human wisdom

Away from home,even here in Great China on studies puposes does not mean we forget our traditional origins and identities.
Last week one of our brother, named Kessy who studies Food Science (Masters) recieved news that his elder sister passed our in Tanzania (Africa).
Last week most of the students gathered in his room to show our condolences what we PNG call ''Haus Krai''.Yesterday (Sunday 15th 2009) ,our in- house Christian fellowship group had a dinner with him,prayed and cried with him.
He was really blessed. In God only we find Comfort ,compassion,Love,and fullest of life.
John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life in China

Coming to China since August 2007,I learned so much about this huge continent-country.I went to the streets and supermarket and bought raw eggs work K5.00 and got 15 of them. I thought ,the seller was kind to me because I am a colored foreigner so i speak my first Chinese '' 多少钱 一斤?‘’duo shao qian yi jin‘’ how much per kilo?I asked this because it was cheaper. K4.00 for 12 apples,'' oh'' I said to myself while calculating if such were in my place how much less would i get for such less money.
All garden food is very cheap,they vary from sea food such as shrimps,fish turtle,to all greens and vegetables,beef,pork,chicken,duck and turkeys. One with K100 would everything ,all three food groups in the kitchen for a week or two. Actually ,most of the food especially the apples and bananas are so many that 50% of which i bought spoil by decaying and have to dump them.
Sometimes ,we just eat from the restaurants which are Delicious and and even cheaper.

One time , I want to find out how all these good food ended up surplus in the whole city,.The farmers just brought their product from their farms via very good pothole free roads to their destination and make a continuous supply. Majority of the people have three meals, balanced meal a day. How do they transport such good to meet such superb surplus of meals? Simple, convenient,affordable Land cruisers? No ! Simple cheap vans,three wheeled vehicles. The road being very convenient, the vehicle does not have problem but gives its best.

Before coming to China, was thinking oh,it's 1.3 billion people ,so would be squeezing our way around in towns and cities,transport. Yes,its that but the structures and roads are very large and dynamic that you cannot wait for a bus more than ten minutes anyway in the city. Roads,Bridges and transports are designed such that every single person in a city at one time any point is satisfied with the public services provided by the government.

He,he,he,he,he, there is no short cut routes, buses follow their routes on time and people know time and buses which make life more convenient.Besides that, privates vans are always ready and mostly cheaper when you want to go any location in the city.
From my observation, even though there are magnitude of poverty, well if you are comfortable and high class and looking down from top of the pyramid yes, but the magnitude of poverty is less and every living individual is exposed to doing something creative,in making,services,supply or other sectors of the economy activities.
I believe, PNG should look from such angle to learn. sustainable life and making all ends meet and attaining contentment,satisfaction and victory in life.

1 Timothy 6:8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. (when people are not content, we see all sort of unrighteous acts for survival

1 Timothy 2:2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

If our leaders are honest, if our public service sectors and public servants are Honest.This is success and prosperity.

How many of us are honest every day to God and to our superiors?

Honesty is the key to success and surplus.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My best friends

Coming from home PNG with different thoughts for China, having zero knowledge I have experienced some very amazing things that I will be sharing with you on this blog also.
I met couple of Chinese friends, whom I called very genuine friends.
Here are my friends, Dr Liang Guobin (right) is a Bioengineer by profession, he is teaching at the Jiangsu Teachers University as a lecturer with Enviroment engineering section Changzhou,Jiangsu Province.
Mr Mo is his best friend, he works in Government department in Guanzhou province that concerns with tropical fruit processing and cultivation,more than 30 hours by train from Jiangsu province.We get together during the Spring Chinese new year festival at Dr liang's home. I have to take Bus one hour to visit him,while Mo travels about a day and half to meet us.We are very best friends here, and we learn many things from each other. I could not believe that chinese can be so extremely friendly than what i previously thought before coming to China.
I will write my experience in china highlighting my friend best friend Dr Liang Guobing taking him as an example representing chinese people to others abroad.

Fuel and Life

The drastic rise and fall in fuel prices around the world affecting our very core of life made me to comment my views.
In most developing third world countries,the poverty alleviation programs may end up fruitless if fuel issues are constant factor as to goods and services delivery and in greater magnitude measure decent living.
In the past 24 months,there has been a sharp rise of fossil fuel nearing two hundred dollars per barrel,PNG economy experienced severe ordeal.Basically the small people,average wage and salary earners were severely hard hit,chronic complains and confusions took the population as fuel prices soared daily.ICCC find reasons,Interoil fossil fuel supplier was lip tight and government run out of reasons.
The simple reason was we were entirely dependent on foreign fuels.Our economic life is founded on foreign fuel,rather our traditional fuel as always was,when come the time problem arises,Kumul surrenders to whatever good or bad,expensive or other extreme actions at the cost of our whole nation.
Some of the alternative option to solve the problem today and for the future is to cultivate alternative clean energy.Options are available for biofuels basically the bioethanol and biodiesel derived clean energy.
Mathew Yakai, who was a former journalist with The National(PNG) reported on Sunday Chronicle (PNG) on my researches regarding Biodiesel from microbes (Algae)

In these reports I have stressed about so much money being invested for Research and Developments and the mushrooming new clean energy fuels as twenty first century turns out resource scarcity and high demand.Suddenly the fossil fuel price took a free dove fall right down to cheaper than cheaper now.

Personally I think,the Mr Fossil fuel does not want other competitors on stage.

The only way to scare them off (the clean energy developers) would be to decrease the price tag on the fuel. That would be the reason as to why we have the sudden free fall.

But what does future holds for PNG economy?, developing more fossil fuels but global warming campaigns turn out to emphasis lesser use and developments.

Biofuel somehow has a place that PNG government needs to review and establish research and developments. Unfortunately, our government has not initially fund one yet or initiate its development apart from the Korean cassava ethanol biofuel.
Apart from cassava which is not quite sustainable but marked with high operational cost making the final protect expensive or unprofitable,there is not yet one that is sustainable and viable alternative clean biofuel development.
One must know that biofuel is renewable,environmentally friendly and has the potential to supplement be it blended or pure and steadily maintain lower fuel cost.

When fuel cost is low,goods and services price tag remain low ,affordable and maintain a low poverty society. Biofuel has the potential,but when can we develop one?

This era requires biofuel diets,wake up ,lets invent tomorrow now!

Natural Disasters

I am compelled to write about the recent view points found in both papers about the bush fires in the North and Flood in the South, devastating Australian Rural homes.

Australia, has in the recent past has faced significant rise of the natural disasters, but these ones are very devastating.Fire in the North and Flood in the South is quite a double blow to our big brother country. Some one say just pray for them,others said to aid,both are correct.But how about looking from other way around, inside out,what is the cause?Would some silly people lit up the bush to destruct such as large scale destruction? Why would I pray for them when God would have at first stopped the fire when he knows how much destruction and life will be lost? Even aiding is very late when destruction is accomplished and dreadful nightmares are already installed in the survivors.

Look at America,which has fallen victims to natural disasters in less than 48 months and human instigated destruction of the sept 11 terror attack, to Cyclone Katrina,New Orlands ,the constant bushfires in Carlifornian state and the global dollar declining power and financial turmoil now the world is faced.

One of the major causes are the total break down of society, increased haters of God, removal of God from government and constitution, worst of which is increased homophile population,ordaining homosexual marriage by state and churches, institutionalizing teaching homosexual causes in schools and colleges ,teaching child in schools to accepting same sex parents etc( Not against those who will ,but this is what the Almighty God says)

The disasters are yet to come and worst are queuing up as we draw away from him. The God given blanket of protection has been lifted and we are at the disposal of the evil one. The evil one is disposing as he pleases. Our destructions are self inflicted and are in our ways (Romans3:16), even God allowed such to happen to distribute his anger on the people (Job21:17)(Job 31:3)

The Aitape tsunami is not yet out of our nightmares,the recent sea swell and floods are yet the worst to come, and more is for PNG if we do not repent and do what is right. Government, public servants and individuals stop doing evil, stop your corruption, nepotism, favoritism, stealing, lying. Stop living for money,live for truth and transparency.

The solution is simple , turn to God,thousand of mushrooming churches in PNG preached this and yet we have ears without hearing. Just what will be like in ten years from now?