Monday, February 16, 2009

Today in Biofuel World over.

My biomass, once a upon a time Carbon dioxide in the air is now can be seen here,from this is converted to biodiesel,bioethanol or biogas.(picture)Alternatively can be gastified to syngas from which converted to syndiesel or other very efficient energy compound.
In Georgia,Cellulose Pioneer Range Fuel, reported as converting wood chips to cellulosic ethanol.Earlier this year this company reported as securing 80 million US dollars to finance a wood waste to cellulosic of 100 Mgy ethanol plant, the plant will be opening 2010 for its production.

Ze-Gen is based in Massachusetts, USA, utilizing steel industry techniques for high temperature fuel production by gastification process using wood debris and other solid waste substances.
Also Costaka ,anotherof the best 50 bioenergy fuel companies is nearing its 100 Mgy plant for cellulosic ethanol fuel using sugarcane bagasse as its raw material.
Another company Sustainable Power is very active in Latin America, using algal biomass for fast pyrolysis using nano bacteria as catalyst is now active in licensing operators in Europe and Asia.

Ineos and Bioengineering Resources announced they will have a municipal waste ethanol pilot plant operational by 2011.It is currently making 105 gallons per ton of waste. It has already achieved 95 gallons per ton of waste.

W2 Energy, said will convert municipal waste,agriculture waste,tires,human waste and coal into bioelectricity and syndiesel.The company is using plasma assisted biomass to energy process and is seeking to use jathropa oil and algae as feed stocks.
Germany's Choren is seeking 5Mgy biomass to liquid plant,it will also use gastification process to heat the biomass and the syngas carbon monoxide and hydrogen will be made into synthetic diesel fuel.
Cananda's Enekem with its waste to biofuel plant in Westbury is able to produce 1.3 Mgy from used electricity poles

Gastification and Pyrolysis.The former is a process of converting carbonaceous materials such as biomass,coal etc with controlled oxygen to produced carbon monoxide and hydrogen, sometimes called syngas which is a very efficient fuel.The latter,is process of chemical decomposition without oxygen being used being does take place in their presence.
These two processes are getting more attention for the processing of clean alternative energy as reported. Purdue University researchers found the easiest and profitable way for efficient high out put. All agriculture ,forest,and other solid waste can be converted to meet 20% of all US fuel needs.
In Hawaii,Sunfuels reported seeking 37 000 acres of state land for eucalyptus,they company uses gastification process to process clean fuel.
In Germany,Lurgi will construct methanol -biofuel plant costing 8 million US dollar which is supported by Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and conservation.
Meanwhile panelists at the UN Climate Change meeting in Poznan advocated biochar, product from fast pyrolysis as a way forward that can pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and increase soil fertility, in a way returning carbon back to the soil for its natural process again. This is important because, charcoal produced is porous and can allow bacteria to recycle nutrients and increase land fertility and increase agricultural productivity,it also holds water and can easily help plants to survive during droughts.
The idea and technology used is promoting low carbon foot printing and sustainable practices that can assist in maintaining cleaner environment and cleaner climate.