Friday, February 13, 2009

Fuel and Life

The drastic rise and fall in fuel prices around the world affecting our very core of life made me to comment my views.
In most developing third world countries,the poverty alleviation programs may end up fruitless if fuel issues are constant factor as to goods and services delivery and in greater magnitude measure decent living.
In the past 24 months,there has been a sharp rise of fossil fuel nearing two hundred dollars per barrel,PNG economy experienced severe ordeal.Basically the small people,average wage and salary earners were severely hard hit,chronic complains and confusions took the population as fuel prices soared daily.ICCC find reasons,Interoil fossil fuel supplier was lip tight and government run out of reasons.
The simple reason was we were entirely dependent on foreign fuels.Our economic life is founded on foreign fuel,rather our traditional fuel as always was,when come the time problem arises,Kumul surrenders to whatever good or bad,expensive or other extreme actions at the cost of our whole nation.
Some of the alternative option to solve the problem today and for the future is to cultivate alternative clean energy.Options are available for biofuels basically the bioethanol and biodiesel derived clean energy.
Mathew Yakai, who was a former journalist with The National(PNG) reported on Sunday Chronicle (PNG) on my researches regarding Biodiesel from microbes (Algae)

In these reports I have stressed about so much money being invested for Research and Developments and the mushrooming new clean energy fuels as twenty first century turns out resource scarcity and high demand.Suddenly the fossil fuel price took a free dove fall right down to cheaper than cheaper now.

Personally I think,the Mr Fossil fuel does not want other competitors on stage.

The only way to scare them off (the clean energy developers) would be to decrease the price tag on the fuel. That would be the reason as to why we have the sudden free fall.

But what does future holds for PNG economy?, developing more fossil fuels but global warming campaigns turn out to emphasis lesser use and developments.

Biofuel somehow has a place that PNG government needs to review and establish research and developments. Unfortunately, our government has not initially fund one yet or initiate its development apart from the Korean cassava ethanol biofuel.
Apart from cassava which is not quite sustainable but marked with high operational cost making the final protect expensive or unprofitable,there is not yet one that is sustainable and viable alternative clean biofuel development.
One must know that biofuel is renewable,environmentally friendly and has the potential to supplement be it blended or pure and steadily maintain lower fuel cost.

When fuel cost is low,goods and services price tag remain low ,affordable and maintain a low poverty society. Biofuel has the potential,but when can we develop one?

This era requires biofuel diets,wake up ,lets invent tomorrow now!