Friday, February 13, 2009

My best friends

Coming from home PNG with different thoughts for China, having zero knowledge I have experienced some very amazing things that I will be sharing with you on this blog also.
I met couple of Chinese friends, whom I called very genuine friends.
Here are my friends, Dr Liang Guobin (right) is a Bioengineer by profession, he is teaching at the Jiangsu Teachers University as a lecturer with Enviroment engineering section Changzhou,Jiangsu Province.
Mr Mo is his best friend, he works in Government department in Guanzhou province that concerns with tropical fruit processing and cultivation,more than 30 hours by train from Jiangsu province.We get together during the Spring Chinese new year festival at Dr liang's home. I have to take Bus one hour to visit him,while Mo travels about a day and half to meet us.We are very best friends here, and we learn many things from each other. I could not believe that chinese can be so extremely friendly than what i previously thought before coming to China.
I will write my experience in china highlighting my friend best friend Dr Liang Guobing taking him as an example representing chinese people to others abroad.