Friday, February 20, 2009

Brief in Biofuel World over.

In top stories on biofuel,OPXIn Colorado, is reported to have 12.1 million US dollars for finance.
The company specializes in selecting and modifying microbes that make alternative energy. It is expected to raise 2.9 million dollars for further expansion.

In North Carolina,Agrivida and Novoenzymes agreed to focus on alternative sources to increase the liquid fuels 10% by 2017.

The CEO Sapphire Energy congratulated president Obama for his Alternative Energy bills. Obviously ,the world is going green fuel.

In Scotland, a distillery which uses carbon capture that consumes 20 tons of Carbon dioxide by utilizing chlorella is optimistic, the microbe also consumes copper reside which would have been as pollutant otherwise. The Biomass can be made into syngas by gasification method.

In Germany, the bioethanol association BDBe increase production to 46%. It is very promising , further increase is forthcoming.

Denmark,The energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme has awarded a 13 million dollar grant to Biogasol for cellulosic ethanol plant. Which will produce 5 million liters per year.

Science is now gaining momentum in converting xylose ( a sugar ,five carbon sugar compound),genetically yeast is being engineered to digest xylose to give ethanol which is fuel in was only for glucose, this in fact increase the productivity out put. This was as done by researches in Germany at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

News is spiraling that in New Jersey ,B5 biodiesel are now formally in used in tractors,bachoes,lawnmowers and even air compressors. About more than 260 vehicles are now using biodiesel without any trouble at all.

The world tomorrow is foundations laid down now, tomorrow is predicted now,future is invented today.

The world is going green.