Friday, February 13, 2009

Natural Disasters

I am compelled to write about the recent view points found in both papers about the bush fires in the North and Flood in the South, devastating Australian Rural homes.

Australia, has in the recent past has faced significant rise of the natural disasters, but these ones are very devastating.Fire in the North and Flood in the South is quite a double blow to our big brother country. Some one say just pray for them,others said to aid,both are correct.But how about looking from other way around, inside out,what is the cause?Would some silly people lit up the bush to destruct such as large scale destruction? Why would I pray for them when God would have at first stopped the fire when he knows how much destruction and life will be lost? Even aiding is very late when destruction is accomplished and dreadful nightmares are already installed in the survivors.

Look at America,which has fallen victims to natural disasters in less than 48 months and human instigated destruction of the sept 11 terror attack, to Cyclone Katrina,New Orlands ,the constant bushfires in Carlifornian state and the global dollar declining power and financial turmoil now the world is faced.

One of the major causes are the total break down of society, increased haters of God, removal of God from government and constitution, worst of which is increased homophile population,ordaining homosexual marriage by state and churches, institutionalizing teaching homosexual causes in schools and colleges ,teaching child in schools to accepting same sex parents etc( Not against those who will ,but this is what the Almighty God says)

The disasters are yet to come and worst are queuing up as we draw away from him. The God given blanket of protection has been lifted and we are at the disposal of the evil one. The evil one is disposing as he pleases. Our destructions are self inflicted and are in our ways (Romans3:16), even God allowed such to happen to distribute his anger on the people (Job21:17)(Job 31:3)

The Aitape tsunami is not yet out of our nightmares,the recent sea swell and floods are yet the worst to come, and more is for PNG if we do not repent and do what is right. Government, public servants and individuals stop doing evil, stop your corruption, nepotism, favoritism, stealing, lying. Stop living for money,live for truth and transparency.

The solution is simple , turn to God,thousand of mushrooming churches in PNG preached this and yet we have ears without hearing. Just what will be like in ten years from now?