Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updates on Biofuel world over this week.

President Barrack Obama has signed the American Recovery Investment Act of which include 16 billion US dollars for the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, last year has recived 1.7 billion US dollars , now has gone ten fold or probably ten fold greener energy.
In California today ,Carbon science announced that they can make methane,ethane and propane from carbon dioxide.The company is said to convert all CO2 from power plant emissions,oil refinery and other sources ultimately decreasing the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.
The National Algae Association has recently requested for algae biomass for their testing to develop their technology and applications.
In Malaysia, biofuel demand is very high and that the supplier,the Renewable Fuel Corp has opened new offices to take new contracts.

The world is closing towards greener fuel,greener investments policies ,governments and greener world as we are faced with increasing demand on fuel,increased pollutions and climate change dilemma and resource scarcity.
It is now obvious that alternative fuels are this era's ''a must'' ingredient. However, it is the government's duty to instigate such for the good of the economy,people and the nation.