Monday, September 14, 2009

Biofuel is mandatory,indefinite fossil fuel price is not promising.

Future is molded by today's choice.

There are very imminent catatrophies ahead whether be it money (economies) natural and manmade. Major concerns are resource scarcity,booming population,rising pollutions and changes associated with these dynamics. Major concern are widespread fears of carbon dioxide and other green house gases to which the global climate change is subjected as is the main believe in geoppolitics worldwide.

In facts policies and international relations are truning new angles with common ground to battle or reduce or more appropriately control. Some newers poicies that will affect our daily lives are though strigent measures soon to be impossed on human populations, indusries, economic activities. For instance, baby cabon, where total carbon dioxide as green house gas is realesed from a single person as infant througout his entire live until death, the total green house gas contributed and the impact on climaye change. Take the wolrd population and measure toatl green house gas and impact magnetude for climate change etc..etc.

The issue of population control or depopulation is at hand.

While biofuel development took rocket high interest in the worst economic crisis period, now being abit over with it would see more industries multiple worldwide as they rush to supply the ever increasing demand the fossil fuel has maintained for past 150 years since machines came to be automated.

Given the low resource scarcity worldwide, few with resources are going resource boom exploitation as the world rushed to get more out. PNG is one of this country where the world powers come to have their batlle for resources.

There are many things to consider here, outside climate change fears,fuel crises,biofuel development are majors issues and fears. I have said issues in regard to biofuel developments are mandotary for PNG development, fuel security and stability.Without repeating what i have said, it is a serious matter when the government will alow foreign firms to produce biofuel from PNG resoruces and feed the national demand.The national economy is not safer, nor the ecomony control for the sake of its booming 6.2 m people but PNG will still be exposed to outside to take advantage.In the age when fuel will be manufactured ,importing biofuels is no acception.