Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feasible Energy source and processing-Biogas

The possibility of processing/design of portable digester for private energy generation using microbe is attracting.

If you have to digest 50 kg of organic material, theoretically 34-37% percentage will generate into biogas and more than 70% of the biogas is biomethane. Compressing that into a tank and injecting into your car engine could save more liters of fossil fuel save more money and run extra mile efficiently.

This is the new technology emphasising down stream processing and can be done by any person.

Today when unstable fuel market high prices and climate change propaganda, the general direction is self sufficiency in fuel production for own use. Surplus energy and cheaper source,feasible,sustainable and more importantly renewable is the correct ingredient for today's society.

The genration of biogas from agricultura waste,local biomass,backyard waste/garden compost and anaimal waste is uniquely attracting.The cheap ,more emphasised fossil fuel has blinded these generations and we have been somewhat addicted to depending on it so much and this is good for producers.

However, the view in this blog persents the potential at our disposal that can make us more independent from within our graps on such important item as fuel.

The importance of genrating biogas at lcal home scale has long being surpressed for fear of turning people's attention.

Given the todays' changing geopolitical status, supply of fuel can go into jeopardy and millions or even billion population into stone age choas.

The PNG LNG project will come and go, if skills and knowledge cannot be used to exercise self-producing today,the glories will go with it. LNG glories will come and go,nothing changed,PNG and her people will still remain faithful consumer to foreign producers and deadly dependent.

My study in producing biogas using domesticate livetsock waste successfully indicated that free energy can be easily processed and locally go independent.