Monday, May 10, 2010

Biofuel doubling!

Biofuel has been gaining ground were fossil fuel failed in terms of environment, pollution and economic benefits. Recent studies indicated very positive linear hike in biofuel production (solid,liquid,gas) from renewable sources such as from minute microbes to macro organism. The rise in Bioethanol,biobuthanol, biogas (methane, hydrogen) biodiesel (methyl esters) derived from waste or plant source has been very rapid across EU states, Asia, Asia Pacific specifically Australia picking up on biofuel mandates, USA, Canada, and the South American regions.

The focus is to blend or pure with fossil fuel given the climatic changes and immediate threat worldover. More recently, the oil spill in is changing the course for more imminient support to go biofuel. The scenario seem likely that biofuel have better positioned itself were fossil fuel was for the past 200 years thus the future look green for developers bringing in immense benefits to people as land will be used directly to support production. Given the technology, science and improvement, most of the word’s wasteland can be turned into useful eco-farm for energy feedstock, now here is the logic, put aside those fears and think from this end, if we are using land to produce food that is consumed in millions of tons per day, would the biofuel reach the same way? I do not see the threat in this newer trend , especially non food plant for biofuel, some examples are Jatropha,camalina,algae and host of other potential source for energy processing. Coffee waste processing to Bioethanol (enzymatic-acid hydrolysis) to fermentation and distillations are feasible approach and can be adequately met. Someone can look at the cost and unit operation involved in oil processing and compare that to biofuel processing and weigh the benefits, that will give a clear picture as a way to go is biofuel. Off course blending is the way to go, biofuel does not necessary have to replace fossil fuel,that will be impossible until such time in the future.
A simple google search for biofuel trends showed that biofuel has taken huge toll since 1995 and doubled in 2009, and 2010 is the year of intense race in biofuel, the coming 2020 is mandated to be the year of algae ‘’2020 algae’’.
Biofuel sustainability is inline with focus, it is believe and strongly convinced that biofuel future is coming out more clearly as the ‘energy-focus’ for every nation.