Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Poultry manure in microalgae cultivation, processing to biofuels (biomethane,biodiesel and biofertilizer).

Agricultural waste such as poultry manure is rich in nutrients supplemental to microalgae to boost growth performance. Such its use and biotechnological application, process engineering/control and bioprocessing has been researched in the following papers published in the journals. Soil nutrition/enrichment and biomethane production are also well researched for bionergy production.

1Poultry Manure Digestate Enhancement of Chlorella VulgarisBiomass Under Mixotrophic Condition for Biofuel Production
2.Sustainable Bioenergy Bioprocessing: Biomethane Production, Digestate as Biofertilizer and as Supplemental Feed in Algae Cultivation to Promote Algae Biofuel Commercialization
3.Sustainable biomethane, biofertilizer and biodiesel system from poultry waste