Sunday, June 28, 2009

Global pollution ,climate change steer fears and for sustainable approach and for lower emissions.

The world is thousands miles away from clean, natural air and water. Population boom,production for food, machines and land use accumulates air, land, water pollution to newers heights.
Scientist around the world are already afraid of what will be like after 10 years from now in terms of pollution leading to such as climate change and its newer dynamics.
Desperate measure are needed to fight global climatic change, fauna and flora change and newer organism sprouting whether be it disease ,vectors plants,etc...

Many people especially in the developing countries are still misunderstanding and misapplying the concept of climate change,even though they have not contributed as worse emission as the developed countries but the consequent will be equally distributed.

While many more are applying the threat for their own interest and gain, many people are mislead and consequences will be paid at dear price.

In the recent days a group of professional scientists and academicians have written a letter to Preseident Barrack Obama; Below is the extract as it appears

An Open Letter to the President
If you think it's frustrating to be a climate activist watching Washington, imagine what it's like for the scientists who are running the numbers while witnessing bureaucratic action consistently fall short of what they know needs to be done. A group of 20 prominent scientists and academics sent a letter to Obama and the U.S. Congress on Monday, and although the language is utterly respectful, the urgent message comes across loud and clear: The U.S. must act decisively, aggressively and immediately to curb emissions, and Obama must lead the effort personally.

Specifically, the letter says that passing Waxman-Markey (which the US House of Representatives is debating today) will be an excellent step in the right direction, but certainly no reason for politicians to pause an enjoy a pause for pats on the back. Instead, the legislation "at its best will be only a first step.”

The letter also draws a timely comparison to Obama's hefty push for nationwide health care reform:

As we write, we see the unfolding Presidential effort to lead the nation in the area of universal health insurance. We urge the President to initiate an effort at least comparable in the area of climatic change. We recognize the difference in popularity of these two causes, but it is the essence of Presidential leadership to show the way even where adequate public awareness of the risks ahead may be lacking. Speaking in Germany recently, President Obama referred to climatic change as "a potentially cataclysmic disaster." We agree and believe that message must be communicated and elaborated to the American people in time to assure strong, effective Congressional action in both houses of Congress this year.

The time for national action on climatic change is now. There has already been too much delay. The stakes are far too high to compromise the integrity of, and our responsibility for, prompt national action.

Their words underscore the precarious nature of the situation we face. We're at a point where the scientists most familiar with the data of global warming still believe that there is hope -- if we act now -- yet even in the light of this knowledge, we depend on volatile factors like "popularity" and political weight. We are grateful for the efforts of these leading thinkers, and hope that their words do not fall on deaf ear.