Friday, July 10, 2009

Politicizing Climate Change is dangerous for PNG!

The issue of climate change is a new physical science in the world today though it is taught and discovered recently of the phenomenal climate change since the beginning of time. In Papua New Guinea is totally new. Government, statutory bodies, private and individuals need to understand some real basics of science behind before shouting from the mountain tops.
Firstly lets look at the causes of temperature rise in the world. According to real science, the only factor that makes the earth warm is the sun. More than 90 % of the causes causing temperature rise in the past century by 0.8 ÂșC was by the sun while 10 % accounts to natural variations prone to vegetational changes due to changes in environment variability and planetary energy balance.
Many focus has being laid on carbon dioxide and methane as green house gas while over looking the water vapor which is the greatest concentration known and is one of the green house gas. Energy is not needed to drive the water cycle; the energy comes from the sun evaporation- cooling in stratosphere region and transpiration in plants. Without arguing the heat conductivity or heat capacities of carbon dioxide, methane or water lets consider from equilibrium point of view. In equilibrium science, one concentration of same kind move to lower concentration, now carbon dioxide still remains 0.03 % in the atmospheric composition since science was invented!
All plants and are satisfied with the 0.03% carbon dioxide supply and water vapor at its current routes either via its cycles or plants compost the cycle of exchange for oxygen keeping animals alive, in other words we need carbon dioxide and water vapor if we want oxygen, without oxygen.
So what are all these stories and fears about climate change? Can man save the planet? Planting trees and giving tax save how many lives either plants or animals, human beings? These are the fears that are instigated by low educated politicians and self proclaimed scientist, those hungry for rich, power and influence taking advantages of the poor uneducated mass. This is not ruling out that there is no climate change and everyone else go to sleep! There is change but gravely misunderstood and its already a government and people’s liability. It’s already a global universal god or religion.
Take away the intense politics surrounding the global warming debate. Take away the self-interest groups, business interests, legal, bureaucratic and mass media influences that all seek to make a buck out of driving public hysteria over the fads and fashions of the age. Lets focus on real science.
Ocean temperatures are these days measured by 3,000 automated Argos buoys deployed in the seas. These buoys present a challenge to global warmers. They have failed to detect any imminent signs of climate change. According to Dr. Josh Willis who worked for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory indicated as saying only a slight cooling over the buoys’ five years of observation, but that drop was not anything really significant
Added to this challenge is the evidence produced by NASA’s eight weather satellites totaling . 7,000 land-based stations, they take more than 300,000 temperature readings daily over the surface of the Earth. In 30 years of operation, the satellites have recorded a warming trend of just 0.14 degrees Celsius—well within the range of normal variations
The results concluded that global warming campaign was inconclusive.
The sinking islands is figured as one of the causes of climate change, this may be a grave mistake. To consider the issue of rising sea levels and sinking islands, one has to consider the change of ocean currents, apart form mini currents with a set region like Guinea current, there is this huge global ocean currents called the Themohaline circulation (THC) or ocean conveyor belt which is driven by global density gradient created by surface heat of fresh water fluxes. This is known to change direction in a space of time in decades or centuries which can also be influenced by elevated salt concentration due to increasing land use and earth’s heat from sun due to routine tilt and rotation over space of time. This means any island or a little land mass in its new direction will experience heightened level, over flooding or sinking. This does not mean ice in the North and South poles will necessary melt to sink the islands!
The West industrialized since 1800’s , for the past 200 years industrialized regions rigorously destructing forest, huge minings, petroleum usage while increasing luxury, glass house, skyscrapers for these long years until effect find them out. All these times, PNG has contributed none!
This will be supported by the fact that our atmosphere contains 730 billion tons of carbon as CO2. Each year about 120 billion tonnes of carbon are cycled via plants on land and 90billion tonnes via oceans. Human emissions account for about seven billion to 10billion tonnes, or less than 5 per cent, of the annual CO2 flux. This means 95% of the emissions follow the national law of equilibrium dynamics while 5 % emitted are sucked up by oceans increasing acidity due to weak carbonic acid form by soluble state of the carbon dioxide and others by additional flora.
If Australia is said to contribute 3.5 % of that component from 5 % (10billion tones) coming from human emissions and New Zealand 0.34 %, what is PNG contribution?
According to National Climate Change Policy Framework released by the Climate change and sustainable development office in PNG is stated that PNG has contributed 1.8% of the forest degradation! That means we are better worse that developed New Zealand and half way worse than Australia. It is also stated that the emission is projected to go 127 % of which 42% is from Asia Pacific region while the under developed transport sector with 1 in 2000 with cars are blamed for 20 % of the green house gas emission! Ridiculous! More over, land use and increasing industrializations was blamed was increased emissions. This is a laughing matter when people are still burning firewood to fry flour balls for ten toea and we marked them as industries and tax them!
Scientifically speaking, to give datas is done by proven methodology, and machines by experts and interpreted as intended. For PNG to be responsible for gas emission since the first fire and flour ball era is still here is worth the argument. Huge industustries like metal refining, steel making, nuclear, power coal, etc...are not here that shake the atmospheric gaseous composition to detection, unfortunately we have none and yet we will pay tax!
Amazingly funny, global warmists have even measure cow ‘kapupu’and said to stop cattle rearing due to methane production from their digestion. They have laid tax on them, this is forcing money out of people for fear of unknown make up lies about global warming lies! This is robbery. Soon , there is expected global taxation system in the name of global warming of leaders politicize this science.
Politicians who find difficulty in gaining consensus between political parties on issues of vital importance are suddenly finding common ground on the global warming issue. One prime example was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. When faced with great divisions within the European Union on a range of issues during her leadership of last year’s EU summit, she cleverly played the global warming card, raising that issue to the top of the summit agenda. Predictably, all parties fell fashionably in line behind her on this one single issue. By thus achieving consensus on what the media has seized upon as an issue of vital global importance, Merkel was able to snatch victory out of the jaws of what may well have otherwise been billed as a debacle. Leaders using global warming cards are not scientists either.
But there is a cost to such politicking. Governments are imposing crushing tax burdens on industries and individuals in efforts to “solve” this illusory problem.
Finally, if PNG was serious with global warming and emission, if they said that 20 % emission comes from vehicles and fuel burning, I find is contradicting when no mention of alternative biofuels was emphasized, and still advocated to get coal powered energy supply which is the worst in light of global warming!
It was also a failure, when and how and by what means were test and analysis obtained to convince the tax payers as to its validation of the data.
PNG climate change office has a vital role to play, but when it plays wrong, we will have serious consequences. I believe it will play the game to sustainably help the lives of the natives and not to serve foreign interest or personal materialistic gain.
For PNG to be misguided while claiming to be a christian country is funny when God said in the book of Job 26:7 which says God hangeth the earth on nothing. He has about climate change then what we think about lie of man, Sciences proves the magnificent work of God Psalms8:3 and called each star by name Psalms 147:4