Friday, April 6, 2012

Argentina , one of leading biofuel producer

EDF partner crude glycerine from Argentina
Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:29
ED&F Man signs agreement for crude glycerine
Amsterdam 3 April, 2012 ED&F Man signed an agreement with BioMCN for the sourcing, risk management and delivery of crude glycerine from Argentina. Argentina is quickly becoming the world’s largest producer of biodiesel and its residue crude glycerine. With this agreement BioMCN and ED & F Man will combine their mutual expertise in the area of sourcing crude glycerine and will operate as one sourcing organization.
BioMCN is the largest second generation biofuels producer in the world, producing and selling industrial quantities of high quality bio-methanol from sustainable renewable resources, including crude glycerine. Bio-methanol can either be blended directly with gasoline, and/or it can be used as a feedstock for other environmentally-friendly fuels such as bio-MTBE, biodiesel and bio-DME. It is also used for a variety of bio-based chemical applications, including plastics and paints.
"We are very pleased with this agreement with BioMCN, as we see BioMCN as an important player in the glycerine industry. We are proud to be chosen by BioMCN to source their crude glycerine and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with them. We are one of the leading providers of sugar, coffee, financial services and liquid products for feed, food or technical use, such as molasses and glycerine. In our chosen commodities we provide a comprehensive range of supply chain services from production, sourcing, storage, delivery to risk management. This agreement is therefore a perfect fit for both companies", says Arie van der Spek, Trading Director at ED & F Man.
Rob Voncken, CEO of BioMCN: "This agreement with ED & F Man is another important step in securing the supply of renewable feedstock. We are particularly pleased with ED & F as partner, because of its strong position and broad experience in Latin America. Their expertise in shipping bulk products is a valuable addition to our business. Furthermore ED & F Man is ISCC certified, meaning that we can demonstrate sustainability of our feedstock throughout the entire supply chain."
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