Saturday, March 14, 2009

Algae Biofuel almost $1.30 per gallon!

Aurora ,Open pond facility. Going 6,000 gallons per hactar! Cheap affordable $1.30 per gallon!

Our top story today covers that of Aurora Biofuels (USA) being highly confident that it will reach 6 000 gallons per acre yields and a cost of $1.30 per gallon of algal fuel!The CEO Roberth Walsh commented confirmed.

The company had done 18 months first generation trial and is confident with its consistent results.

The company recently completed an 18-month first generation trial of its open-pond system, and said that results were consistent with its second-generation goals.
This particular company has made break through in drying process of the raw algae and the crude lipid oil extraction process, therefore, its efficiency improved with high productivity output.
This is the intensive part of the processing, bypassing has reduce operation cost.Given the fact that algae is high oil content by nature naturally..the potential is huge.The technology will now be used to give a go for green energy revolution. At least the technology can now lead us to the ultimate source from which crude oil/fossil fuel originated.
Given the technology of culturing and bioprocessing ,the horizon is lightening up and this venture seem more and more viable and sustainable.

Furthermore Aurora said to be cost competitive with fossil fuels. This company is one of which that has solved the open pond contamination problem and are now going bloom.Along side PetroAlgae, Aurora is now one of the second generation fuel company specializing in algae biofuels.