Thursday, March 12, 2009

PNG student scholars subsidizing DWU student.

Subsidizing stranger friend, DWU final year student Michael Kapu.

Micheal ,a final year health management and administration at Devine Word University . I came to know him when an article about my research were published via Sunday Chronicle. We become good friends by email and speak on agendas of common affecting PNG.
Beginning of this year, I received his personnel mail to me. But one Friday, 20 February, 2009, 3:10 AM.

I received a mail from Micheal Kapu DWU Fri 20th Feb 2009:

Hi my brother,
Nice to hear from you and DWU is OK and other students are busy with their studies but for my case I have not register yet because I do not have enough fees.
It is already week four of the schooling year bad am still hanging around the school to fill my withdrawal form by Monday. My expectations from people who have promise me to pay my school fees have given me negative responses and am lost for words.
Sadly, I will miss my HECAS and self sponsor again next with more money than what I would pay this year. I need only K4300 but nobody is able to help me and my parents could not affort as they are very poor and exhausted.
Bro, I would like to complete my degree (year 4) but school fee is the pain in my neck.......I am running out of words but if you were engaging/working I would ask you if you could help me some amount and register myself at school tomorrow. I have K1200.00 but that can not as the Uni want full payment on the spot.
Thanks for reading my email and could your offer me some options to this problem I am facing?

Michael Drake Kapu..Health Mangement.. Year 4

My mail to all PNG student in China

Dear PNG brothers,sisters,friends,and above all as one from beautiful nation PNG.

Today, I received a letter from a PNG DWU student named Micheal Drake Kapu (please refere to his mail below), a final year student in Health Management.
What got my attention most was that he cannot complete his year 4 this year and preparing for deregisteration this coming Monday (Next week), being a student once in our PNG university, I know the feeling this young promising PNG intellect is feeling,I know the feeling his parents are now, becuase I am feeling myself now.
He is going to be denied his right to study, does not mean he failed, rather commited a crime against the state but will be denied his opportunity ,the effort his poor parents have put through will bring dryness to their aspirations.

Here,Iam a student myself, a young father with a son and his mum, I had just send K800 for my little brother in Asaroka Lutheran Seconary apart from couple of money I have sacrificed to son and wife.
Like wise, I want to commit some hundreds Kina to this young man, I do not care where he comes from , whether or not I know him.What I know is I Love PNG, and I love my people and Iam giving because I am sowing for this great nation.
I want to appeal to us all who are from PNG here (China) now by contribution/donation by whatever amount you can to see this young man complete his final year.
I know you have your little ones out there, but just for once, lets make history,we are great people ,blessed and rightfully rich, lets tell the nation,we are ready to sacrifice our last penny for the good of the nation, lets speak through this situation,lets take the opportunity,lets give and speak volumes, show our people hope, all those we are facing are because of couple of greed people, but lets put that aside,show them we are concern and prepared to present to the natives what is rightfully theirs. This starts now, whether we sneak out and hid behind tinted glass and pretend or do the right thing for the nation, people and for God.

Iam sure, we have our own problems,would I ask for now lets give, give it with our hearts,I am sure it will be first of its kind in the history of PNG, the nation will see us as real people, real leaders and we will give them blessing. I tell you,it will have ripple effect,change atitudes,give insights and blessed those who are needed for the good of the country,PNG.

Mathew,Jeffers,Malcom, I take this time to acknowledge your support to support this young Papua New Guinean. Your contributions as you have promised, and as per our conference meeting online tonight (18/02/09). We agreed that we will send together, which I will collect and send by Moneygram ten minutes service.

The money that you are about to give now will make history tomorrow,will be a testimony in your life that hangs there longer, and in far greater way, you have intellectually did something for the nation that only few have found joy in doing it. This is the best Gift of God to enjoy his Love By Giving. This is the Spirit of the great leaders, we can see through their eyes now when we give!

For those who are willing, I wish to collect the contributions .
Below is my account number.

Gene Drekeke Iyovo.
Bank of China: Card #:6013826102035859951
Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,PRC
Ph # :13771426219262
Skype/msn email:

Ensure my Name and card number is okay.
If you have send, please send me email and state the amount you deposit.

To the DWU administration, please do not deregister this student, pardon him and give us time if we students here can help, if so contact me on the detail.

Students, I will process as soon as I get the money and backroll report and receipts. Not one toea will see my pocket.

For those not on my email list, pass this word.

We give not for our own glory, We give because it is the course of goodness and blessings, giving is getting abundantly.

God will abundantly bless you.

Gene Drekeke Iyovo
Biotech,Jiangnan University,PRC

Quickly we agreed online that we must contribute,help also come from PNG staff at our Embassy in Beijing. We then address DWU administration not to deregister him but give us ample time to collect something for this young man.
I cannot force our students but the PNG student started sending contributions. Below is a list of names.
Jeffers Teargun Heptol 800 yuan
Gene Drekeke Iyovo 500 yuan
Ms Liza Gabina ( Third Secretary,PNG embassy ,Beijing) 500 yuan
Albert Tobby 400 yuan
Mathew Yakai 200 yuan
Hosea Livingstong 200 yuan
Malcom Philip Taureka 100 yuan
Collected 2700 yuan, with exchange rate at 6.8 yuan =1 USdollars, we reached 386 US dollars which iwas about K1099 (PNG kina).
Thursday 12th March,2009 I went to bank, did all the exchange transactions and send the Money via Moneygram . Later phoned Michael Kapu gave him the PIN # to collect the sum from Moneygram Wespac Madang,PNG.
I now have 16.65 yuan, will put for offering to our in house fellowship this sunday.

I called Michael by phone from CHINA.

Their was a mixture of high appreciation, joy –surprise, tear filled voice on the other hand of the line in PNG, a stranger to stranger communicating for his delivery. He could not even say a thank you because he was not prepared, and the word for not enough.
My personal note:
I do not give to seek praises of man. I am just sick and tired of greed,corruption,nepotism,lies stealing,poor government services, high unemployment rate,crime and violence that is crippling this nation to its four. I cannot sit back here and pretend and let someone precious like Micheal turned back because of MONEY! Parents sell their pigs,livestock,food crop,time,energy etc and year after year smart potential, someone who would speak like Barack Obama,Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincolin or Iambak Okuk like minded who would bring PNG to hundred years of prosperity ARE TURNED AWAY.

What do we then collect? We have rich getting richer who are inexperience in status of live, giving and helping is foreign element in their blood. Mindset and heart without knowledge and experience for National prosperity,development and unity.
For me, if it is to make a difference for Micheal for the goodness of the 6.5 million PNGs ,what do I gain from my own greed and achievement? If Micheal has to be that someone for this nation, let it be so.
I am a village man,I am greatly challenged by Great China here. I have seen common families eat three balance meal a day! My father used to tell me about very very cheap life in their times, China is experiencing that.I urge PNG to travel Great China and experience the life here to agree! There is zero record of crime and violence in the city I lived! Road and transport is mighty.

Mind you, there are more than 200 universities and every year 15-20 thousand new intakes totaling about 6 million new students, the government pays them well -A government for THE PEOPLE. The is the challenge as a foreigner from PNG self promote Paradise ,built on minerals floating on oil and gas but poverty stricken communities.

I am not pretending and enjoying great blessings of China HERE but I am CHALLENGED!
I dream of PNG becoming one of the richest in the Pacific.

The time when Our police are happy, Nurses and doctors are happy, Military is strong, Students are happy, parents are happy ,crime is non existent,womenfolk walk the city free, food is surplus and the people are satisfied. The nation is blessed.

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