Thursday, April 9, 2009

Iran going Biofuel

There are more than 50 registered companies for biofuel or bioenergy developers/producers/manufactures in US and huge number of investors and developers are rapidly growing world over.

Iran, one of the fast developing nation in the Fossil rich region is to establish ethanol production by 2010

The head of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, Ali Ameri, said that the country will commence production of ethanol from the 17.86 million tons of crop waste. He said that a project start-up is expected by July, with production commencing in 2010.
The announcement comes after the Iranian parliament voted against establishing subsidies for imported oil, and requiring imported fuel to be sold at market price.

With the increasing warning against climate change,rogue regimes are even cooperating to go biofuel promotion and productions.

Meanwhile,the International Energy Agency’s IEA Bioenergy issued a new report concluding that GHG reductions will grow over 100% from the use of ethanol between 1995 and 2015, and offered projections on overall GHG reductions from ethanol use through 2015.

The competition,interest and investment are rapidly increasing in favor of biofuel developments while economic crises have scared of more than 13% of the developers and have written for bankruptcies.

Interest still grows from all across the world.One of such is the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, which offers a $10 million prize to vehicles that achieve greater fuel economy than 100 miles per gallon, announced its list of 111 registrants. The competition will commence in May 2010 and will include a long-distance stage competition. Teams using E85 ethanol, biodiesel and biobutanol are among registered competitors. This and others are boosting race for new era of fuel development.
If the economic crises be soon end,expect more developers and producers to come on the stage.Eventually the next generation will be biofuel. Not one single region in the whole globe has no biofuel development,without over emphasizing,biofuel development is now imperative according to expects. All countries should by a time produce biofuel and trade biofuel. The time fossil fuel must leave the stage is numbered,with the deteriorating climatic conditions,it has already have serious responses from world over.