Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coffee and Jatropha, PNG has another giant cash crop! Great potential.

(Above)Kongo Coffee,Coffe expoter, Chimbu province, PNG (Company logo)
(Kongo workers-left , coffee drying by sun-natural flavor preservative method)

Coffee: Coffee was once and weed in Africa hundred years back until someone was crazy to use it as drink.The crazy first man did not know that he has discovered a green gold. Up until now Coffee is money therefore cash crop. First coffee in PNG was somewhere grown in Asaroka secondary school,Goroka,EHP by Lutheran Missionaries. During my high school days were still there and we increase more planting.Coffee in PNG is a huge success and earns millions of Kina per year.
Many farms sprouted throughout highlands valleys, factories and man gain riches tremendously with coffee. There are too many success stories in this regard. Take for example, Kongo Coffee-interst individuals or group wanting best coffee can check this site. ( process and exports coffee with high class quality throughout the world. This nationally owned Rural based firm has very huge financial stories. It exports "AA" Grade (screen 19+) beans, high class quality-organic and original to overseas markets through East and Western world. Yearly production exceeds 7200 tons, it increasing with expansion.

Coffee tree once a no value has value in our society,communities,economics, politics and national wealth building. The plant has undergone great recognition from nothing to something. Once a weed now at the top of PNG cash crop development.

Change of time:

Today, as the world took great leap into space age (man will go to planet Mars before 2038, NASA will go to Mars by 2037) there are various major mind blogging changes.Various changes have taken less time to mushroom, with internet and high tech settle light communication system, knowledge is obtained fast and developments are computer aided. Population neared 6.9 billion, within a year or less will strike 7 billion who will race for oxygen,resources,materials,etc..for use and survival. While at the same time pollution will build up,natural balance of nature will be altered and new natural occurrences like change in wind and oceans movement will have devastating impacts on human activities. Traditional climatic conditions will have changed by degree, altitude change,week plant and animals will extinct ,new will sprout. Again man will devise its course of using resources and technologies to suit its new level of life.

On of this new change is fuel. More than 200 hundred years of fossil fuel usage has somewhat come to notice that man will not continue for another two hundred years of cheap fuel. The fact is man will make fuel now. The same kind of phenomena ''hunters did not continue, they reared the animals..and cultivate plants ''. Fossil fuel was hunted and served, up to now hunters returned with less and less. What to do...produced the fuel!


The increasing 1700 biofuels companies in the world are now targeting mass production of biofuels (biodiesel,bioethanol etc..).Biofuels are derived from vaious organic matter using technologies like you have machines in your factories to process coffee,flour,meats etc...
With the increasing awareness of climate change and change of politics to redirect green house emissions and governments controls, one has to see that biofuel usage will increase while fossil fuel depletes. More controls will has high tax on fossil fuel making usage and developments of biofuels mandatory.

What possible crop can become coffee-like cash crop-''nothing to something''
for PNG. According to recent researches is Jatropha plant.Its agricultural facts indicated this plant is highly suitable to all soil types and highly adaptive. If taken, it will run side by side with coffee, two very important cash crop for PNG communities. Financial benefits cannot be overemphasized here-it is huge, market is wide and its renewable , a tree will serve you 40 years 3-4 times a year 13 kilogram per year, 40 years before turning to firewood.

Jatropha beans ready for extraction.
-Almost like coffee bean!

Let take for example, if Kongo coffee claims to export 2700 tons of Coffee per year if that is jatropha would account for 2,700 000 liters of biofuels, PNG local fuel demand would meet more than half of PNG fuel need if the total fuel consumption in PNG remained same from 2007. Unfortunately increased by margins. Approximately K6 750 000.00 can be fetched as revenue at K2.5 per liter. The demand will remain high and steadily increased as more emphasized is put on fossil fuel reduction. Market demand for the product will increase exponentially, investors will fetch more money with their valued investments.
Accordingly, this plant value will follow closely to Coffee, farmers will use unused infertile land for jatropha while proper land for coffee and like manner will sustainable alleviate rural poverty and improve living style.

Apart from biodiesel form jatropha there are other minor products from the same raw materials, the more than 50 % protein can be easily extracted and converted to adhesive like glue..formulate animal feed,while remaining cake is formulated to fertilizer by adjusting NPK content which are high. With jatropha, no waste is produced-one raw material fission into valuable products all high in price local and international.

Apart from other potential source such as algae for biofuels, jatropha remains potential for PNG economy. Coffee was not understood of its potential until it fetch huge money, jatropha will follow exactly.

PNG local investors must fix their binoculars and look into the future and design and design new venture.