Sunday, May 3, 2009

PNG Rural bioenergy -sustainable enterprises with biomethane opportunities.

This giant carrier and others carry fuel from producers to consumers and carry hundreds of millions of barrels per load

The world has evolved fast from stone age to space age, by 2040 and beyond man will have been on Mars some 401,326,431 km away that would take fastest jet 4700 days with speed of 3529.56 km/h.Space settle light,communication,computer internet ,knowledge and technology are parallel interdependent parameters that build 1000 times better than Babel tower technology.The human world population is growing at 1.25% per year.That is 77 million per year that is about 6.4 million per month. The current world population is 6.9 billion according to the US Bureau of the Census.

Every one of this individual consume and use resources-need. The demand for energy ,space,resource have been exponentially increasing while pollution was parallel.Interwowen economics which has evolved from barta system exchange (trade one for another item-local PNG and abroad primitive economics) has linked up to what now is called export and import. One region depends on another for fuel/energy/resources and the other viceversa.
The power driving the mechanism to life and keeping all these working system is fuel. The hundreds of carrier oil tankers-island like, passing out of resources rich Africa,oil regions to the West and East with giant quantities of oil for fuel.PNG will soon join to supply. The continues production and supply to meet increasing demand has about meet short supply deadlines. Headlines around the world indicated this.
The increasing populous rushed into converting biomass to energy with advance high tech. Bioenergy developments has since been formulated and ,new and diverse ways are developed and opportunities and discoveries seem optimistic.

Development and civilization is energy dependent. However, most of the developing countries are still using low tech to shifting cultivation-poor near bush age approach to development.This is due to one very important factor....Power !
Papua New Guinea with high rainfall,many river system is using Hydro for energy supply.But is very expensive and does not cover more than 8-10Km out of the towns and cities.This leaves 90% of the population in darkness and so very little industrialization or none are done.The little rural base enterprises like coffee farms and and its primary processing are done using fossil fuel.Due to increasing or indefinite unstable future of fuel prices, these small rural base businesses are doom to fail if government cannot subsidies fuel or develop alternative internal fuel supply within the country.
Sustainable development in the rural country in PNG is none existent.People are poor educated on technical aspects,low or no technology, those educated are unable because government cannot utilize them due to poor governing.
However, there are few sustainable business that can bypass PNG power and government notice.The approach is to develop rural base bioenergy technology that can earn life.

Methane is very efficient, this flame from hydrated methane burning.

One of the opportunities for rural energy independent enterprise is livestock & meat processing and supply. According to my researches which cannot reveal the gold nugget part but to initiate development for potential interest group and individual is to engage in Biomethane production from confined livestock.The major goal is cost reduction and energy is important.
The two factors can be solved simultaneously. Cost reduction can be archived when home base livestock feed is formulated at very low cost.Secondly,waste the livestock can be used to produce biomethane. Biomethane is 5-7 times efficient than petrol fuel. This means if you inject biomethane into your car with efficiency of carry you ten kilometers per hour, it can go more than 15 kilometer with biomethane!
With a consistent number of animal there will be consistent supply of fuel from their feces to meet all energy cost.Surplus can be sold locally.Rural freez, house and other uses can be subsidize as well as lighting the livestock at night.
Livestock feed can be manufactured using home protein sources to meet your hungry livestock who will give energy in return. In both ways, the enterprise become independent totally from government monopoly or foreigner. Off course tax free business opportunity for rural communities.There is no 'push force' on the people to camp and settle even around sewerage areas in towns and cities when money and life can be generated in the rural.
The benefits are that the enterprise can sell their products at cheap price because of very low operational cost therefore high profit.The products can highly supplement rural diet by high nutritious proteins. Creates employments and increase living or lifestyle, alleviate poverty.
Indirectly, the major protein/meat suppliers may reduce their product prices directly increasing and improving better supply of proteins/nutrition to population at large. The rural enterprise will not bother about purchasing feeds,pay power bills or water.This full package opportunities are available for rural PNG. With more and more emphasis on replacing fossil fuel with biofuels worldwide,bioenergy development is highly regarded and encourage and this is the trend adopted all over the world due to unpredictable climate change due to 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission per year.
My current researches indicated that biomethane for medium rural business with livestock is very feasible. Briefly, 50 kg digested may give enough fuel to run a family car for more than two months using biomethane. Because, PNG was tamed on using liquid fossil fuel such as diesel and petrol, we are blinded of the opportunities to go sustainable and fall short of potential opportunities. From this calculation, one can estimate how much a livestock waste can be produce by how many per head, than distribute the power use and estimate the magnitude of your operation.

PNG rural communities cannot be blamed for being underdeveloped. The point is responsible heads of departments/public servants are not dissipating their duty,service and their duties to the people.If Agricultural evidence in Kuk valley indicated agriculture on earth to be the first, I am highly optimistic we can adequately excel in agricultural development.

Poor planning led the rural communities to get-get compo for any development from government or foreign investments. The current acts of villagers at the airport(Jacksons-POM) for gas project is an example. The people at the end of the day will remain 'stupid'-lacking basic knowledge and technology for survival after the gas is evaporated soon. PNG must move away from consumer get-get attitude to the level call 'know how'. With know how, we can survive, with get-get we remain clients to others and fight over leaf overs for life.
Natural gas,fossil fuel,gold,copper will finish.Sustainable bioenergy/biofuel will remain for as long as the last fuel is need for the end. Most newspapers of the day are full of resources exploitation/investments etc..but if one sit down carefully and analyze, more than 80% of your resources belongs to others but you have the stamp of ownership without owning!
With bioenergy/biofuel, you create,own, hire and fire, 100 % owned!