Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How far has PNG contributed Green house Gases for Climate Change?

According to your report dated 5ht May,The National.
I have a question that needs answer. The climate change campaign and alarm in PNG as reported by daily papers. From global point of view, its is reasonable that every country must go green by limiting green house gases. While PNG is a developing country, just how much has country emitted green house gases, what is quantity of carbon dioxide from 3 billion tons per year from around the world? Which industries are responsible for the contribution? If New Zealand contributes 0.2% while Australia accounts for 1.3% of global carbon emissions,how much does PNG contribute?
If our current sciences and politics of PNG fail to give exact and precise answers. I do not see a good reason why we have to be too vibrant on issues that may overlook rural and urban development. In the past 40 years PNG with less factories ,manufacturing has contributed in fact less than 0.001% to make a difference in the atmospheric gaseous composition. Even up to now no major industry is producing the green house gas. With the lack of adequate information and evidence, its still questionable why tax payers money can be used to accommodate office,conference and meetings that will sum into millions at the end of the year.
Scientifically speaking, Carbon dioxide remained at 0.03% atmospheric gaseous composition ever since stone age up till now, but why man is so afraid? Funny conclusion like carbon dioxide cuases temperature increase is still inconclusive. Carbon dioxide is non conductive,does not contain heat or energy.That means it does not have any space to accommodate heat in its molecule make up even though it can at very high pressure harsh environment. For heat from sun to be absorbed in the carbon dioxide and cause global temperature to increase changing climates is too remote.Then why are some planets with higher carbon dioxide have ice cool temperature. This conclusion is not reasonable.

Current politicians fail to understand where confuse science lead to promote own ideas not scientifically proven. Many scientist prove there are controvery in global warming campaigns. Basically carbon dioxide is soluble in water,the big ocean absorbs most of the carbon dioxide.By law of equilibrium, carbon dioxide does not stays in the atmosphere forever,it travels to lower concentrations such as the oceans and millions of tons are dissolved per year keeping the 0.035 stable in the Atmosphere enough for plants. The recent decrease in oceanic pH by less than one point is due to dissolving carbon dioxide. This is due to the formation of weak carbonic acid on reacting with water. Carbon dioxide is very important for plant in the see which in turn look after fish and all life forms-energy transfer chain.
The recent rise in sea level, most of the part is mostly due to change in oceanic current flow. This change counts to centuries to fully change. What land mass is in its path will experience rise in sea level.
The main argument here is , I do not know the basic reasons why PNG has to create offices and allocate millions of kina that should put into good use for the development of PNG. However, it is advisable to encourage greening but too at the cost of tax payers money. We need money for mega highways,sustainable developments,infrastructure development and poverty alleviation in PNG.