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EU Biomass Association


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AEBIOM Statistical Report 2011

Rapid deployment of renewable energies plays an important role in efforts against global warming and strengthens the security of energy supply. Among the renewable energy sources biomass plays a specific role. It covers about two thirds of all renewables and is the fastest growing sector in absolute terms. [READ MORE]

AEBIOM position paper on energy taxation

Brussels, 16 May 2012. AEBIOM publishes a position paper on energy taxation calling for improvements to the EC proposed revision of Energy Taxation Directive. The EC proposal provides a very good basis, however, it does not ensure adequate environment for renewable transport sector, namely biogas and biofuels. [READ MORE]

Energy Roadmap 2050: neither hot nor cool

Brussels, 6 March 2012. AEBIOM together with ten European heat sector related associations (RES, energy efficiency, etc) publishes a joint statement calling for  an ambitious European heating and cooling policy and showing that despite its huge potential, the heating sector remains a sleeping giant in the EU energy strategy. [READ MORE]

Renewable Energy Strategy

Brussels, 7 February 2012. AEBIOM submits its' response to the EC consultation on Renewable Energy Strategy.  [READ MORE]

AEBIOM press release on CO2 tax and its’ impact on EU budgets

Brussels, 29 November 2011. AEBIOM published a press release supporting the EC efforts to introduce a CO2 tax and urging the EU member states to seriously consider the proposal of the Commission. The CO2 tax, if introduced, will not only reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency but will also significantly increase the member states budgets. [READ MORE]

Perrenial Energy Crops – an opportunity for CAP greening and economic growth

Brussels, 16 December 2011. AEBIOM published a press release supporting the EC efforts to include bioenergy in the CAP reform, however, considers that the measures for perrenial energy crops should be further strenghtened and clarified taking into account the environmental value added of perrenial energy crops. [READ MORE]

AEBIOM and EBA publishes a position paper on sustainability of solid and gaseous biomass

Brussels, 30 May 2011. AEBIOM and EBA publishes a position paper on sustainability of solid and gaseous biomass. The two associations support the introduction of sustainability scheme for solid and gaseous biomass if such criteria ensures a harmonised framework in the EU, flexibility by taking into account the existing schemes, cost effectiveness by diminishing administrative burden and equal level playing field. [READ MORE]

The European Biomass Association is a non profit Brussels based international organisation founded in 1990 whose mission is to develop the market for sustainable bioenergy, and ensure favorable business conditions for its members. Find out more about our activities in the AEBIOM Annual Report 2011. AEBIOM brings together 36 national associations and around 70 companies from all over Europe thus representing more than 4000 indirect members including companies, research centers and individuals.

Annual Meeting of the RHC-Platform Biomass Panel

Date: 10 October, 2012
Location: Berlin, Germany
Organiser: RHC Platform

AEBIOM General Assembly Meeting

Date: 14-15 November, 2012
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Participation:  Open only to AEBIOM members
Contact Us: info(a)

AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference 2013

Date: 17-19 June, 2013
 to be determined
Organiser: AEBIOM
Event Programme: to come soon!
Event Website: [HERE]

Cross Border Bioenergy

The Cross Border Bioenergy project aims at supporting companies to analyse markets attractiveness in Europe and support their decision making process to invest in other countries. [READ MORE]


The key objective of the project European Pellet Quality Certification is to create and implement an ambitious and uniform certification system for pellets in Europe, called “ENplus”, which will be used both by the heat and the power markets, for intra European trade but also for imports.[READ MORE]

RHC Platform

The European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-Platform) brings together stakeholders from the biomass, geothermal and sola thermal sector- including the related industries- to define a common strategy for increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling.   [READ MORE]

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Solutions to overcome barriers in bioenergy markets in Europe (EUBIONET III)
Evaluation report of different criteria for sustainability of biomass (EUBIONET III)
Pellets roadmap for Europe
Biogas roadmap for Europe
Brochure on dedicated energy crops (ENCROP project)
Procurement of forest residues
Pellets for small scale heating
Dedicated energy crops